Death is an Illusion

We're often taught when we're children that Heaven is some far-off place above the clouds or that it lies somewhere beyond space. As a spirit medium I can tell you that the reality is quite different and may in fact surprise you. The reality is that the Afterlife literally surrounds and permeates our daily lives. Have you ever been alone at home and--seemingly out of nowhere--you smell your deceased grandmother's freshly baked cookies, feel your late husband's kiss on the back of your neck and hear the bark of your furry companion long after he or she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge?

This is no coincidence. We have never actually been separated from our loved ones--even before the time of our births. We have always shared a connection and will always do so. This is the very reason why human DNA appears virtually identical across genders, races, ethnicities and even species. We share a common bond. With this in mind, it stands to reason that our spirits would share commonalities even into the Afterlife. One of those commonalities is our means of communication. Spirits communicate via telepathy--that is, mind to mind communication. This normally comes in the forms of mental images, sounds and names, physical sensations and emotional impressions. Spirit mediums act as interpreters of this telepathic information in a similar fashion to that of a language interpreter: they perceive these images, sounds and impressions and rephrase them into a language understood by the living.

I will never forget the day when I first encountered a spirit. I was only about six years of age and awoke from my bed one night to see the spirit of a man hovering at the end of my bed. Naturally, as a child of six I initially felt terrified. As I grew older, though, and had more of these experiences, I came to realize that God sent me here with a purpose and that these spirits needed for me to be a voice for them. They want so very much to communicate to us that they have never left us, want to aid in our healing, and to help remove our own fear of death.

I feel incredibly honored that God has called me to do this work and humbled by the evidence of the Afterlife always provided by our loved ones. I encourage each of you to open your hearts and minds and to allow those you miss so much to prove to you that they have never--and will never--leave you. They are merely a thought away. Love and Light.

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