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I have often heard people confuse terms such as "psychic" and "medium." This is a highly important distinction, though. A psychic is someone, who uses his or her intuition to provide insight and clarity into an individual's life circumstances, goals and aspirations. A spirit medium, on the other hand, is a psychic, who uses his or her spiritual gifts to communicate messages from an individual's family members, friends and pets (yes, pets!) in the spirit world in order to help the individual find peace and a greater sense of healing with the person's departure from the physical world. Essentially, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

A medium uses his or her sixth senses in order to perceive messages from the spirit realm. Spirits tend to communicate with me through clairvoyance ("clear-seeing" or intuitively seeing information) and clairsentience ("clear-feeling" or intuitively feeling information). Some mediums do not see information clairvoyantly or feel information clairsentiently but rather perceive information through clairaudience ("clear-hearing"). 

When I receive communications from the spirit world, I as a medium must raise my vibrational frequency, and the spirits must lower their vibrational frequency. We sort of meet in the middle, so to speak. Often the spirit world will communicate with me quickly during a session with a client, and it is common for me to begin speaking slightly more rapidly because of this reason. 

Because our loved ones in the spirit world no longer inhabit a physical body, they do not communicate in the same way we do. Rather, communication occurs via telepathy--that is, "mind-to-mind" communication. During a mediumship reading, spirits communicate with me normally by sending mental impressions to my mind--thoughts, memories of when they were in the physical world, images (perhaps of how they once appeared in their physical bodies or of a particular car or home they once owned), smells (perhaps a favorite food or beverage or of cigar smoke if this is something they often did in life), and so forth. They will often impress upon me physical sensations also, which usually indicate to me a cause of death or maybe a long-term illness, from which they suffered before leaving the physical world. 

Expect your loved ones on the spiritual plane to be as they were during their lifetime. If they often joked, they will be humorous during a mediumship reading. If they were shy or withdrawn, they may not immediately choose to say much (but often open up more later). If they were the life of the party, expect them to be that way during our time together. They want you to have undeniable evidence that they have never actually left you. Approach our time together with an open heart, and they will provide it without fail.

How Spirit Communicates With Me

Maybe you have been to a spirit medium before and already have some idea as to how we work with the spirit world. Maybe you haven't before had any experience. Even if you have had a mediumship reading at some point in the past, I am guessing that you likely have some uncertainty about how to make the most of our time together. 

I would encourage you to spend some time alone prior to our reading in quiet reflection, prayer or meditation (whatever feels right to you), thinking about your loved ones in the spirit world and silently inviting them to make you aware of their presence during our time together and asking them to provide evidence to you that they are near you.

Although you may wish to contact a particular spirit, know that other spirits may wish to come through first in order to impart to you a needed message--and sometimes will even present a message for you to share with someone you know for their spiritual healing. The spirit world will always give you what you need during a reading but not necessarily what you want. While I will make every effort to connect you to your loved ones in the spirit world, know that the decision to come through belongs to the spirit himself or herself and that a spirit medium cannot force a particular loved one to communicate during a reading (we literally just work here in the physical world!).

I would ask that prior to your mediumship reading that you do not provide me with any details about your loved ones in the spirit world or about yourself. Doing so can compromise the quality of the reading and is often distracting to the spirit medium. 

Please feel free to take notes or to record our session together. Often, spirits will provide details, which may not make sense at the time but which come to be validated at a later point in time. I have had numerous past clients, who contact me weeks or even months after a reading, saying "Oh, gosh--guess what! What you told me about X, Y, Z--it happened!" 

While I understand that you may have specific questions you may want answered during a reading, I would again ask that you not interrupt the reading. Instead, write these down before the reading. Often, the information coming through from the spirit world during a reading will answer these questions without you even having to ask!

Most of all, have fun with our time together. This is an opportunity for you to know to your family members, friends and pets are very much alive and well--that death simply does not exist and that you are not going to die, either.

How to Get the Most From Our Time Together