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Connect with a Lost Loved One

Brian The Medium


About Us

I began experiencing the spirit world when I was only a young child, awakening one night to find the spirit of a man at the end of my bed. As I grew older, I began having further contact with those in the spirit realm – at times hearing those on the Other Side...

"We are all connected to spirit, in our physical manifestation and our soul."

– Linda Masanimptewa


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Personal Mediumship

Explore our personal services from individual mediumships to home clearing.

Development & Training

Explore mediumship development from personal coaching to training leading to certification.

What Others Say About Their Experience

"I am now giving professional readings and doing so successfully. I know I wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for Brian's training and guidance."


"After completing mediumship training with Brian, I have been able to give readings that my sitters tell me are 'very accurate.' I have also been able to easily communicate with and name spirit loved ones of my sitters. My customers tell me that they are truly amazed by my ability to easily communicate with their loved ones in the Afterlife AND to identify who these loved ones are by name, appearance and characteristics."


"I received a reading from Brian and was blown away by his accuracy and detail. After having had many different readings in the past from other mediums, I walked away from my encounter with Brian thinking, 'This guy is the real deal!"


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